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Since we had to cancel church last night, in order to keep-up with our Lenten series, be sure to read the homily here.Want to hear the latest gossip? Listen, I know it’s not thought of as very ‘Christian’ but I’ve got some shocking news – something I thought you’d want to know. Now you have to promise to… well you know. But listen this is something awful I heard that ‘others’ are saying. ‘They’ were overheard talking about this stuff and it’s just too scandalous not to pass along. With ‘them’ knowing about it, I thought you should know too. It’s about our 2018 Lenten Theme

What “They” Said When Jesus Went to Calvary.

This year our Lenten journey brings us to the cross through the words of “the others”, “the them”, “the they”. Some of “them” are those who watched, and some are “others” who participated in Jesus going to Golgotha. From what “they said” we hear the witness of those who were there to see it and, in some cases, move the events along.

This outrageous theme is powerful for us because it is through their eyes and words that we see and hear. We will witness through “them” how Jesus fulfilled the promises spoken of in holy scripture regarding the scandal of the Lamb of God come to away the sin of the world. What “They” Said When Jesus Went to Calvary is what gives us hope, because what “they” said speaks the shocking truth about Jesus, the Word of God Incarnate.

You can get a head start on the gossip by reading the following:

Matt 26:19-25  Surely not I, Rabbi? (Ash Wed Feb 14)
Matt 26:59-66  He is worthy of death.
Matt 26:69-75  I do not know the man.
John 18:33-38  What is truth?
Matt 27:22-26  Let His blood be on us and on our children
Luke 23:38-43  Lord remember me
Luke 23:44-47  Surely this was a righteous man (Good Friday)


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Therefore God very wisely arranged and appointed things, and instituted the holy sacrament to be administered in the congregation at a place where we can come together, pray, and give thanks to God.

~M. Luther

God’s Peace to You, Pastor Tom Rhodes

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