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Our Lenten theme for 2019 will be:

Lenten Sermons Preached by Christ’s Enemies

 This year I thought I’d invite some others to preach to us during Lent. As I looked around for some guest preachers, I came across a group of people who seemed knowledgeable and quite certain about the events leading up to Jesus’ death. This preaching group spans the gamut from the well-known and popular, to the more obscure ‘background’ types. And they range from the crude. rude, and common to the high-born, highly educated and well-heeled. So, we’re going to hear Lenten Sermons Preached by Christ’s Enemies.

Now what makes this different, as we’ll see, is that though each of these preachers are opposed, in some way, to Jesus and all that He stands for and came to do, they also each speak God’s very truth about Him as well. Be sure to invite others along to hear these guest preachers expound on the profound measures they were all involved in in bringing Jesus to the cross and His death. And, as we listen to them, we bear in mind that they do not have the final word on Jesus’ death.

That comes from Jesus Himself on Easter morning, and we’ll all want to be here for that! So that you might prepare to hear these people speak, I’ve included a list of references where you can find their words and begin to wrestle with what they say as Christ’s enemies, and yet as they also speak the truth about Christ that God wants all people to know.

John 11:49-53        – Caiaphas
Matt 27:15-23        – Pilate’s Wife
Lk 22:66 – 23:1       – The Sanhedrin
Matt 27:1-5              – Judas
John 19:1-3               – Pilate’s Soldiers
Matt 27:35-44        – Chief Priests and Scribes
Matt 27:45-54        – Roman Centurion


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Therefore God very wisely arranged and appointed things, and instituted the holy sacrament to be administered in the congregation at a place where we can come together, pray, and give thanks to God.

~M. Luther

God’s Peace to You, Pastor Tom Rhodes

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